Beckett's Last Act

It is the 1970s.

Samuel Beckett is deeply troubled by the latest production of his acclaimed play Krapp's Last Tape.

It is the day of the first performance.

Beckett's looming presence disturbs the Director, the Designer, the Wardrobe Assistant, the Flyman and the Actor.

This disturbance leads to unexpected and cataclysmic events.

A new show from the team that has brought 12 productions to the Mill, including The Man who Left the Titanic, The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band Changed My Life Forever, The Haunters, Behind You! and Songs that Matter.


Presented by Isosceles

Based on the novel by Mora Grey

Adapted for the stage by the Company

“Theatre at its best… I felt the entirely enthusiastic audience could have happily have stayed for more”


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