Set in June 1944 at a time when one man’s decision is about to change the course of history, Pressure is an intense real-life thriller centred on the most important weather forecast in the history of warfare.

Scottish meteorologist, Group Captain James Stagg, advises General Eisenhower on when to give the order to send thousands of waiting troops across the Channel in Operation Overlord. The future of Britain, Europe and our relationship with the United States is at stake as well as the lives of millions.

Pressure is the extraordinary and little known story of one man who changed the course of war, and our lives, forever. Ably supported by a talented cast of ten, David Haig plays the leading role of Group Captain Stagg.

David Haig is a four time nominee and Olivier Award-winning actor best known for his roles in the film Four Weddings and a Funeral, the TV series The Thin Blue Line and the stage production The Madness of King George III. He is also an award-winning playwright. He wrote and starred alongside Daniel Radcliffe in My Boy Jack - which was made into a TV drama for Granada in 2007.


"A thunderous piece of theatre"


"Sharp, witty and affecting"


"Haig's script quickly sets up the story and plunges into a fast paced, confident stride, pausing only briefly before an almighty storm"


"The play delights with its strong classical structure"

"A gripping play about a man under almost intolerable stress"



By David Haig

Directed by John Dove

Cast includes David Haig

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