The Fall of Sam Shadow


Sam Shadow knows exactly what it takes to be a private investigator... he's read enough pulp fiction to know how to be a man with ice where his heart should be, hurt more times than he'd care to count, with a list of enemies longer than a giraffe's neck.

Then the stunning Scarlett Addisson sashays into his office, and Sam stops pretending, suddenly his world gets very real. This is no ordinary case and no ordinary dame. Like a greyhound chasing a fake rabbit, Shadow's investigation leads him through a dangerous underworld of double crossers and gangsters, car chases and corrupt cops. This case has more twists than a Chinese burn, and who knows what's around the next corner? All Sam can do is keep running, and hope he doesn't hit a dead end...

Back by popular demand after last year’s The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Rhum and Clay invite you to step into the shady world of gangsters, private eyes, and femmes fatales. You’d better keep your eyes open, kid.


Presented by The Watermill Theatre

Created by Rhum & Clay with Beth Flintoff

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Mill Studio

Friday, June 27, 2014 - 20:00


All tickets £13


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