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I'll Be Bert

In I'll Be Bert, actor and writer Bill Cronshaw reflects on his life growing up in post-war Manchester shortly after a controversy that rocked the footballing world. In 1949, Manchester City signed ex-Luftwaffe paratrooper Bert Trautmann. The man who was firmly in attack against England in the World War II was now entrenched as the last line of defence for City. The signing was so controversial that it sparked a 20,000-strong protest by fans. 

However, Trautmann quickly won over the fans with his extraordinary skills in goal and, of course, with his remarkable performance in the 1956 FA Cup final, which marked his place as a true footballing hero - with 15 minutes of the match remaining, Trautmann suffered a serious injury to his neck. Despite the injury, he played on, making crucial saves to preserve his side's 3-1 lead and help City to win the Cup. It later transpired that Trautmann's neck was broken.

This is an amusing story of hero worship, a broken neck, dreams, nightmares, forgiveness and redemption. A must for any football fan - or for anyone finding the smell of liniment vaguely erotic!

Presented by Beyond Eternity Promotions

Mill Studio

Saturday, June 14, 2014 - 20:00


All tickets £13


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