In Flanders' Fields

The early years of the 20th Century was the sunset period of the great families of England before they were fractured by the hellish reality of World War I.

In Flanders Fields… recalls the Great War through the medium of individual stories, songs and poetry as a means of celebrating those who suffered beyond imagining in the muddy battlefields of Belgium and northern France.

While the loss of life was horrendous and the consequent effect on countless families unspeakable, there were, in the middle of it all, tales of human interest and heroism that, almost one hundred years on, are well worth recounting. 

This show salutes and celebrates those millions of young men, soldiers and civilians alike, who gave their lives for this country without thought for their own safety.

Written and performed by Kevin J Last with William Godfree (keyboard), Nigel Ramage and introducing Jake McGrathWe also hope to welcome Mr Gavrik Losey (son of famous film director Joseph Losey) to talk about his father's films King and Country (1964) and The Go-Between (1971).

Mill Studio

Thursday, October 10, 2013 - 20:00



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