Most suitable for ages 5 yrs plus

Merlin and the Frost Dragon

Many, many years ago, when King Arthur was a little boy, his great friend Merlin would tell him stories. Stories of wonder and imagination… this is one of those stories.

Once upon a time there was a village called Little Wittering.  It was always a very happy place except for one year, when the snows came and stayed and stayed. The villagers were beginning to grow very hungry as they couldn't grow their crops. Merlin agreed and set off for the frozen lands to find out what was causing all the coldness.    

Here he met the fearsome Frost Dragon, a creature that instead of breathing fire breathed freezing air! Just when it looked like Merlin had met his match he…

…but then that would be giving away the end of the story!       

Mill Studio

Saturday, May 10, 2014 - 11:00 to 14:00

11:00am & 2:00pm

Running time: approx. 1 hour

All tickets £9


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