The Flamenco Dance Show

No Frills

The award-winning production No Frills is flamenco stripped down to its bare essence.

An exploration of some of its traditional styles in their most evocative form, the show goes in search of pure expression and is a celebration of the raw and yet nuanced energy that flamenco awakens not only in the dancer but in the spectator too.

Dancers Magdalena Mannion, Noemí Luz and Yinka Esi Graves seamlessly interweave their individual styles creating a shared flamenco language. No Frills asks the spectator to put aside their pre-conceptions of flamenco and gives them a unique insight into its rhythms, melodies, energy and power.'


Presented by Dotdotdot Flamenco Company

Choreography and dance by Yinka Esi Graves, Magdalena Mannion & Noemi Luz

Songs by Anna Colom, guitar by Liam Howarth, percussion by Rafael Casado



Price includes a 50p Restoration Levy and 50p Booking Fee


 “One of the most thrilling, uplifting and inspiring shows

I have ever seen”



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