The Crucible

“We are only what we always were”

The people of Salem are whipped into a bloodthirsty frenzy by a series of escalating misinterpretations after a group of teenage girls are accused of dancing devilishly in the woods.

Fearing retribution, the girls begin a chain of finger-pointing until a once powerless teenage girl suddenly has the ability to decide the fate around her. As the hearts of the townsfolk become poisoned, even John Proctor, a principled farmer and family man, must wrestle with a corrupt court and his own transgressions to protect his innocent wife and his family’s good name.

Interval return to The Mill Studio to take on this classic text in new innovative ways. Setting the play in a dystopia of their own creation, where community figures are encouraged to be the ‘eyes of God’ and report on others behaviour, Interval use Arthur Miller’s text to explore themes of persecution, hysteria and fear all too relevant to today’s society.


Presented by The Yvonne Arnaud Youth Theatre: Interval

By Arthur Miller

Directed by Eve Winters



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Mill Studio



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