The Fellowship

In a dimly lit pub in the heart of Oxford, new tutor Clive Lewis awaits the arrival of Head of English, Professor Tolkien. The most unlikely pair of friends – an ardent atheist and a devout Catholic – spend an evening nattering and drinking.

Two very different worlds collide and yet are united by a mutual love of elves, faeries, magic and mythology, forging one of the most heartfelt and loyal friendships literature has ever known.

This new play explores the immediate bond between two of the world’s most celebrated and renowned storytellers: C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkein.

The Fellowship shows how camaraderie can flourish in the most improbable of situations and delves into how faith and belief can grow from woodland walks and starry nights.

An homage to British countryside and the magic it beholds, The Fellowship tells of the thought-provoking, enchanting conversations that paved the way for wizards, lions, fauns and dragons alike.


"Nothing short of a linguistic masterpiece… Narnia and Middle earth fans would revel in this"


"A lovingly-crafted, fascinating and enjoyable piece about an unlikely friendship that forms in the face of differing beliefs – and that’s something we'd all like to see right now"


"The Fellowship… makes you want to be in that pub in Oxford sharing a drink with them"



Presented by Guildford’s Yvonne Arnaud Theatre

Written and directed by Bryan Hodgson

Cast Alex Appleby and Dan Gaisford

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Mill Studio



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