The God of Carnage

Yasmina Reza gives us a brutal and black comedic dissection of bourgeois pretence, with the savage indignation of a born satirist, as two ostensibly civilised couples meet to sort out a playground punch-up between their children.

No-one gets out unscathed as the grown-ups spiral and erupt into verbal and physical violence descending to the level of their bickering 10 year olds. Emotional buttons are presses, boundaries assaulted and punches thrown as diplomacy is sacrificed to the God of carnage. We watch as the fragile veneer of middle class civility is shattered and ground underfoot.

Yasmina Reza’s clever black comedy pokes fun at middle class manners and civility, whilst asking the obvious question: is civilisation only skin-deep? How civilised are we in a world where, just perhaps the God of carnage and anger, not the God of civility and peace, rules?


Presented by Theatre Proteus

By Yasmina Reza

Translated by Christopher Hampton

Directed by Maggie Lilley


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Mill Studio


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