The Little Bit the Boys Admire - The Marie Lloyd Story

Two rule-breaking ladies, rivalry, intrigue and even a performers strike!

 A lifetime and more in an evening!

It is 1922 and Marie Lloyd is being given a benefit concert. Quite unexpectedly, she is joined by her greatest rival, cross-dressing male-impersonator, Vesta Tilley. They have never been friends.

As the play moves between Marie's dressing room and the music hall stage, the audience learn not just about Marie’s amazing, if chequered, life, but also about Vesta, the Music Hall Strike of 1907, Marconi and even the murderer Dr Crippen. In this swift moving show, as well playing themselves, Vesta also becomes the men in Marie's life and Marie becomes the other women.

In true Music Hall fashion, Marie and Vesta will sing many of their most famous songs including Don't Dilly Dally, A Bit Of A Ruin That Cromwell Knocked About and Piccadilly Johnny, and joining in will be not only appreciated, but expected!


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