Turandot on Sydney Harbour

This production of Puccini's final opera was created especially for Sydney Harbour's jaw-dropping outdoor water-stage.

Turandot is a beautiful and powerful princess who challenges her many suitors to answer three riddles on pain of death. Calàf is a brave prince from a foreign land, who instantly falls in love with the princess. Despite the wishes of his exiled father and the pleas of a slave girl who loves him, he rings the gong and declares his love for Turandot. She presents her riddles, and he gives the answers triumphantly. Turandot despairs, and Calàf, taking pity on her, offers the ice-cold princess a riddle of his own. But his riddle risks more than his own life - everyone else's now hangs in the balance.

Director Chen Shi-Zheng brings a unique perspective to this classic story. His work forms a bridge between Chinese and Western artistic approaches, drawing on the Hollywood film tradition, theatrical acrobatics and traditional Chinese opera to create works that thrill visually and cut to the heart.

Designer Dan Potra has created a stunning set for the spectacular harbour backdrop, including a 60-metre fire-breathing dragon with a tail that morphs into The Great Wall, and a shimmering pagoda that stands 18 meters high.


Directed by Chen Shi-Zheng

Performed in Italian with English subtitles


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Main Auditorium


All Seats £17.50

Multi Buy £16.50 (£1 off each ticket when purchasing tickets for two or more screenings in one transaction)

Members £16.00

Under 18s £15.50

All ticket prices include a reduced Restoration Levy of 50p and £1 Booking Fee

Running times

145 mins including an interval


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