Twelfth Night

“O time, thou must intangle this, not I.

 It is too hard a knot for me t’untie.”


Viola survives a shipwreck and washes up on the shores of Illyria, quickly becoming embroiled in a story of romance, trickery and disguise, when she enters Duke Orsino’s service and starts carrying lovelorn messages to the Countess Olivia. The ensuing story raises contemporary questions of family, love, gender, desire and madness.

Twelfth Night’s mingled strands of comedy and melancholy unravel to make this one of Shakespeare’s most ambiguous and fascinating plays.

Oxford Shakespeare Players bring you a topsy-turvy Illyria of devious schemes and desperate passions – can anyone avoid “the whirligig of time”?


Presented by Oxford Shakespeare Players

By William Shakespeare



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