Waiting For Stanley

Waiting for Stanley takes us back to 1945 and a railway station platform where a wife is anxiously waiting for her husband, Stanley, to return from the front. The train arrives full of homecoming soldiers but her Stanley doesn’t appear…

Throughout this touching physical comedy, suitcases transform into radios, cribs, typewriters and a whole host of other props; clowning and puppetry combine to paint a picture of how life was for London’s women during the war.

With flashbacks to experiences on the Home Front, intercut with fantasies of what may have happened to Stanley, this story is based entirely on real-life experiences.


Presented by Finger in the Pie and Greenwich Theatre



Price includes a 50p Restoration Levy and 50p Booking Fee

Hilariously funny as well as deeply poignant, this is a show that you simply have to see. A work of pure genius”




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