Yolanda Ovide - Good Fairy Interview

We had a chat with Yolanda Ovide, who is currently rehearsing to play Good Fairy in Sleeping Beauty!

You graduated from LAMDA in 2018. What was it like training at such a prestigious drama school?

It was amazing! When I initially first auditioned for LAMDA I didn’t know a lot about drama schools ad there were only a few I actually knew about.  I was trying to suss out different schools and find somewhere where I thought I could spend three years and grow.  I found that as soon as I walked into LAMDA there was just such an amazing environment there that I knew immediately it was where I wanted to go.  That came from not only the teachers, other directors and the staff but a lot of the students as well, there just seems to be a very collective energy where you feel very safe to explore the craft and grow.  That’s something that I really took away from LAMDA – having the openness to play and not being afraid of exploring your character fully. 


Can you tell us a little about what you’ve been up to since then?

Since I graduated I was in a tour for a little while.  I was in The Comedy About A Bank Robbery for a few months in the UK tour.  I’ve just finsiehd my second job since graduating and now I’m ready for panto!


Have you starred in a pantomime before?

No! This is my first ever pantomime, so it’s a whole new world really! Everything will be brand new to me so that’s quite exciting!


What are you excited about the most about appearing in Sleeping Beauty?

I’m most excited about getting the chance to sing again.  The last show I did in which I had to sing was actually directed by Joanna Read! She’s obviously the director of the Yvonne Arnaud now but she was the principal of LAMDA when I was there, so she directed me I my final show that year which was Cabaret. I played the part of Sally, so I had amazing songs to sing. It was a great experience which I really enjoyed and I haven’t really had the chance to do any singing since then, so that’s something I’m really excited about being able to sing again as it’s something I really love doing.


You’re playing the Good Fairy – what attracted you to the role?

What first drew me in was that Joanna described her as very much a traditional fairy, as in being very kind and sweet and caring, but that she also have a really feisty side and that she’s really able to stand up for herself. That’s something that really attracted me to the part, because I’m really drawn to those parts where you can feel like you’re a real person.  I love the idea of playing the Good Fairy in this particular version, because Joanna explained that while we all know the story of Sleeping Beauty and its characters, with her take there is a bit of s modern twist on it.  She explained that the fairies won’t feel like secondary characters and would be able to stand up for themselves, which is something I like in a character – to have a bit of a feisty edge!

What would you say to encourage people to come along?

It’s a story we all know and love so there’s no chance of being disappointed by that! I know from personal experience that Joanna is a brilliant director and whatever work she does always makes people happy.  There will be lots of songs involved and will just be a brilliant, fun experience for everybody that comes along to watch! This production is going to be something that audiences are going to genuinely really enjoy because even though it’s a story they know and love, there are going to be scenes and moments in it where they will be surprised.  Not only will kids enjoy it but families and adults will too.  I think the general style of panto is to create this beautiful and magical atmosphere, where families can enjoy a show together and go away feeling happier. This is definitely a show where you’re going to leave with a massive smile on your face!